Clean and Green was founded by Steven and Norma Duquette in 2006 when the couple decided to establish a means to support environmentally friendly cleaning support for people who are conscientious about theClean and Green, LLC Logo ecology in which that are inhabitants. In 2012, the company switched  toa Limited Liability format and incorporated an aggressive digital marketing approach. We are the leaders in collaborative green cleaning.


Green isn’t just a catch phrase. It is a conscientious effort to remove those undesirable elements from our living environment in a manner that doesn’t introduce worse factors. Working within the regulatory framework of labor laws and the known environment issues offers challenges that we present in clear straight forward explanations to our customers. We’re environmentally friendly because we choose to be. Our objective is to assist our neighbors and customers to make this sustainable choice.Satisfaction Guaranteed


Placeholder Image - We Clean GreenWe clean in an environmentally friendly way that is both affordable and practical to the times we live in. The concepts of climate change and global warming are relevant to us because we a re the front line of the people who are most effected by these phenomena. By changing the materials, products, and equipment we use to do our work, we are better able to address the mutual problem of climate while delivering a higher degree of sanitary condition through our service.


There is little doubt that for the immediate future, many questions will need to be answered regarding the effect of global economics on elements of climate such as local weather and regional pattern disruptions. We aren’t the scientist who are dedicated to the study of such things. We are the people who actually do something about the way you engage those theories and concepts. Our efforts are directed at making your home as comfortable as is possible by adapting the ancient art of clean to modern living standards.

We than you for your patronage.


Norma & Steven Duquette